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                The NWT-NU Dental Association is a voluntary professional organization that represents the dentists of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. We do not license or regulate dentistry professionals.


                Our members across both territories are dedicated to the provision of exemplary oral health care and attainment of optimal health for the people of Northwest Territories and Nunavut, and strive to provide the highest level of dental care.


                The NWT-NU Dental Association represents its members in policy and legislative debate. Together with the Yukon Dental Association we are a corporate member of the CDA, representing the membership on a national level.

                For Dentists

                If you wish to practice dentistry in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut, you must first obtain your license to practice for the relevant territory

                hssnunavutregistrar@gov.nu.ca / (867) 982-7668


                Once licensed, complete the current year application form to join the Association. For the 2022 membership application form please click here. Memberships are based on a calendar year, renewing January 1st. If you practice less than 6 months per year (including applying after July 1st) select part-time membership. Member benefits include a copy of the fee guide and access to certain CDA services. To access these services, dentists are required by CDA to be a member of the association of each province/territory that they practice in.


                Please click here to visit current employment opportunities in NT & NU.


                For any other enquiries please contact us.

                Fee Guides

                All dentists receive a copy of the fee guide as part of their membership benefits. We publish a general practitioner guide only.

                For all other entities, including insurance companies, you may order copies of the latest fee guide by downloading the annual order form, and submitting the completed form and cheque. Fee Guides are effective January 1st of each calendar year. For any other enquiries please contact us.

                Don Tesar Memorial Scholarship

                The NWT-NU Dental Association is pleased to offer a scholarship in memory of Dr. Don Tesar which is awarded annually to a future student of dentistry. The value of the scholarship is $2,000 which will be presented as a cheque to the successful applicant. Download the application guidelines.


                 Dental Clinics 

                Search or sort the table below to find clinics near you.


                Contact US

                To obtain Letters of Good Standing: please reach out to the applicable Territory's registrar's office. 

                NT Registrar: 1-867-767-9067 gratis Teknologi Roulette

                NU Registrar: 1-867-982-7668 hssnunavutregistrar@gov.nu.ca 

                Jillian Zdebiak, Executive Director
                PO BOX 4584
                Hay River, NT
                X0E 1G3

                Phone: 1-867-988-0151

                Fax: 1-877-389-6876

                President: Dr. Roger Armstrong

                Vice President: Dr. Steven Partyka

                Treasurer/Secretary: Dr. Melissa Gagnon

                Canadian Dental Association Board Member: Dr. Viktor Dorokhine

                Canadian Dental Association NWT, NU & Yukon Voting Representative:  Dr. Jim Tennant

                CDSPI Representative:  Dr. Jim Tennant